Thinking and Drinking: Alcohol-Related Cognitions across Stages of Adolescent Alcohol Involvement PMC

These distorted patterns of thought often manifest as internal biases or filters that skew the individual’s perception of reality, intensifying negative emotions and leading to destructive behaviors. In alcoholic thinking, these distortions can take the form of denial, rationalization, and minimization, as the individual attempts to justify or downplay their drinking habits. According to the […]

The 3 Stages of the Addiction Cycle

For example, when it comes to illicit drugs used to feel a ‘high,’ even one use is considered abuse. Buprenorphine is a “partial agonist.” It fits in the bowl — and satiates a craving — but doesn’t completely bind like a full agonist. Instead, it eliminates withdrawal symptoms so people won’t get sick or crave […]

11 Tips To Help You Stay Sober

But it was justified because I’m doing more than everybody else. And I probably did do a lot more than people around me, but I did it so that I could keep others off my back. Yeah, for sure to see the change and what people are able to accomplish. And there’s this big thing […]

9 Ways to Have More Gratitude in Recovery

More than creating a gratitude list, actively practicing gratitude has always been essential to recovery success. Awareness is necessary, but not sufficient, for the fulsome practice of gratitude. We cannot take from the earth with only a mere “thank you” in return. We must also become active stewards by caring for the natural world that […]