Children of migrants in Russian schools: what will happen next?

What happens to the class in which half of the students do not speak Russian? What will be the life of today’s children of migrants, if they remain “foreigners” next to us? President Vladimir Putin spoke about this problem yesterday. What do parents, teachers and human rights activists think about her? President Vladimir Putin proposed […]

“Part” with a mother to find yourself

Turning to the psychotherapist for help, sooner or later we are faced with the need to analyze our children’s memories and rethink relationships with our own mother. Why exactly the image of the mother is so important for understanding our inner world? We addressed this issue to psychotherapists. Is it always necessary to talk about […]

7 errors leading to a crisis in a relationship

Which most often creates problems in relationships? It is logical to assume that every pair has its own reasons for quarrels and disagreements. However, experts distinguish seven general “emergency” situations that are independent of the duration and features of relations. Find a source of problems, find a way to get out of an impasse, save […]